DSST Student Orientation

Our student orientation course covers everything you need to know about DSST exams.

You don’t have to take out loans or spend years paying off debt when there are other options available that could help you graduate sooner and save money on college tuition. Take our free student orientation course today and see if you're a candidate for DSST exams!

Proven Curriculum

Student Resource Center

  • DSST Credit By Exam Program

  • DSST Testing Locations

  • DSST Transcripts and Fees

  • 30 Day Retake Rule & More...

Course Agenda

    1. Welcome!

    1. What Is The DSST Credit By Exam Program?

    2. Why Take DSST Exams?

    3. Who Can Earn College Credit With DSST Exams?

    4. What Are DSST Exams?

    5. What DSST Subjects Are Available For Testing?

    6. When Will I Know My DSST Exam Results And Score?

    7. How Can I View My DSST Exam Results?

    8. What Is A Passing DSST Exam Score?

    9. Will DSST Exams Affect My Grade Point Average?

    10. Am I Penalized For Wrong Answers On The DSST Exam?

    11. Are DSST Exams Hard To Pass?

    1. How Much Does It Cost To Take A DSST Exam?

    1. DSST Exam Pass Rates

    1. What Is The DSST 30-Day Retest Policy, And How Could It Affect Me?

    1. 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Academic Counselor Before Taking Any DSST Exam

    2. How To Avoid “Regressing” Or “Duplicating” Your DSST Exam

    3. DSST Student Strategy Forms

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“It's not just about learning the material, it's also about getting ready for the test itself. You need to know how long each section will take you and what kinds of questions are going to be on there so that you have time left over for guessing.”

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